The Boer War Memorial Society of Western Australia (BWMS WA) is a not for profit organisation which is run by a dedicated group of volunteers, many of whom give freely of their time to preserve the memories of Australians who served or were lost during the Boer War. Much of the work the society do is funded by donations made possible by the generosity of the Australian people. The society needs your help to ensure that the sacrifices made by the Australian men and women who served in the Boer War continue to be honoured.

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Australians in the Boer War

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120th Peace Treaty Anniversary Service

To be held at the South African War Memorial on  Sunday 29th May 2022.
(Subject to COVID-9 restrictions.)

Australia and the Boer War

Like most wars our nation has been involved in The Boer War was fought in a place far away. An economic war with little impact on Australia; nonetheless a conflict our democratically elected colonial then national governments called for our citizens to volunteer for. Volunteer they did, between 16,000 and 21,000 took part, between 500 and 1,000 paid the ultimate price.